Frequently Asked Questions

On-Campus Meal Plans

All students living on campus are required to have a Meal Plan. First-Year students can choose from the 7 Day Access Plan or the 5 Day Access Plan/$100 Dining Dollars Meal Plan. All other students living on campus can choose from the 7 Day Access Plan, 5 Day Access Plan/$100 dining dollars plan, 160 Block/$100 dining dollars plan, or $900 Dining Dollars.

You should decide which Meal Plan is appropriate based on how much you eat over the course of a week. Visit "Meal Plans" to get an overview of your Meal Plan options.

Your Meal Plan is accepted at Gibson Dining Hall. If your plan includes Dining Dollars, then they are accepted at any dining location on campus.

You can ask a cashier at Gibson Dining Hall, or can call the Housing Office at 620-235-4245. Meal Swipes reset every Monday at 2 AM.

No, we apologize, no refunds or credits will be made for missed or unused meals.

Students may make changes to their meal plan for each semester up until three weeks from the original starting day of classes (as listed in the official university calendar). Request to change to a higher meal plan can be done at anytime.  Students must come to the University Housing Office, 209 Horace Mann Hall, to complete proper paperwork.

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are dollars that can be spend like cash at ANY dining location on campus. It is for students living on-campus, and can be purchased at University Housing Office located in the second floor of the Horace Mann Room 209. The unspent Dining Dollars from the fall semester will be carried forward into the spring semester, but all Dining Dollars must be expended by the end of the spring semester or forfeited. Dining Dollars are different from Banana Bucks because they can only be used at dining locations, and are available for students who have purchased Meal Plans through Housing. More information on Banana Bucks.

You can check the balance with any dining cashier on campus, download the Pittstate App in your App Store, or check the balance on your receipts.